About Us

The name of the e-shop derives from water fairy Meliti, one of the 50 nymphs of Greek mythology and husband of Hercules! The fairy Meliti symbolizes the beauty, femininity and uniqueness of every woman.


"Melitifashion.gr" is an online company that engages in the field of women's fashion in order to meet the clothing needs of the modern woman who wants to emphasize in her femininity and uniqueness.


With our clothing proposals we aim to satisfy your needs for the simplest to the most formal appearances according to the latest fashion trends. As regards of the products we suggest, we focus on fabric quality, perfect fit and designs that embrace the incomparable beauty of every woman who wants to emphasize her unique personality. Hence, our constant goal is to offer you the best possible quality, combined with the most competitive market prices for women who want to feel attractive, comfortable, well-dressed and unique.


With the credence we get from our customers we draw the strength to continue to look for the special and the unique following the latest trends in women's fashion. With high esteem to the customers who put their trust on us, we are ready to serve you with courtesy and discretion, respecting your needs and desires, including through Social Media (https://www.facebook.com/Meliti-Fashion-103354608399753/ https://www.instagram.com/melitifashion/) or by contacting us directly by phone at 6972931482, 6983504301, 6986154833, 231 909060.


Finally, we inform you that the MELITI Fashion team is committed to answer any question, to facilitate you for each order until it is received by you and to help you for any difficulty you may encounter.


Yours sincerely

The "melitifashion.gr" team